Demo Day

What we did well:

  1. People only remember the beginning and ending of presentations.  We capitalized on this hint with a memorable start and finish to our pitch.
  2. Our intro was a great warm up for the crowd… Meredith Ressi rocks!
  3. Slide Driver was able to keep slides aligned with messaging adjustments.

Where we could improve:

  1. We practiced so much… Even with mock responses from the crowd.  So when the crowd response differed from our practices, I was jarred and missed a complete section of my presentation.  I forgot to tell the crowd what we were asking for in terms of investment.
  2. We didn’t get signed checks after our Demo Day pitch.  But we got business cards.  Demo Day is about introductions and updates not about closing deals on the spot.
  3. We spent so much time preparing for the Demo Day presentation when we could have been more focused on building the business by selling customers.

What we’re going to do about it:

  1. Focus on getting to “ramen profitability” as soon as possible so that we don’t NEED to raise money for survival but rather for growth.